Gordana is true European – coming from Croatia, she was born in Germany, Manheim and currently since few years she has been living in Bratislava, Slovak Republic. She studied textile design and fine art and earned a degree in fashion design from private school Callegari in Italy. Since childhood, she has been passionate about arts with glass being the main material utilised. Gordana is using the technology of slumped glass, she paints with liquid precious materials or creates air bubbles which develop specific and original artistic style. As she stated, glass can better reflect the soul of an artist than the textile material.


In her art, Gordana is celebrating pure fascination about nature and life itself. The most important source of inspiration comes from the undersea world. Walls in her office are made out of glass with a sea theme, you can feel the ocean in the air and audio sounds exactly as the waves breaking gently on the shore. The creative environment can provide us innovative ideas for new artistic realization.


In Gordana Glass team are few people who are detail-oriented with love for fine art. Quality is defined by the decision of creating hand-made art, keeping the individualism and authenticity of each piece which can never be the same again. Further, we are aiming for perfect rendering with the artist making every single artwork herself.


The key characteristic of Gordana’s personality is enormous love for children and consequent belief that they need our help and support. This is the reason why she is focusing herself on children charity.